Myah Wallace is a beautiful and strong sixteen year-old who has set a huge goal for herself. She and her mother, Angela Carroll-Wallace, have been busy fund-raising to go to Peru in October. Now that in itself is a major goal. However, Myah has a disability that makes it difficult for her to keep her balance and sometimes she has trouble with her speech. This “extra” challenge hasn't stopped Myah from reaching her goal.

Myah and her Mom are set to go to Peru thanks to the support of many here on the Coast and their family's efforts for their Anything-is-Possible campaign. They will be joining the group called Equip KIDS International who provide devices for disabled kids in Peru. They plan to meet with the kids at the rehab centre in Cusco and then join in the 10 day trek up to Machu Picchu. Extra funds raised will be donated to Equip KIDS. Myah says she feels that she can do anything thanks to her parents who always told her “anything is possible”. Myah says everyone has talents and abilities than they can develop.

When Myah's parents were told their daughter would never be able to walk or lead a “normal” life due to an underdeveloped left cerebellum, they began their own program to work with their daughter and never gave up.

Angela has always been Myah's support when walking, lending her arm to support and guide her daughter. Now that Myah is training for this trek, she is learning to support herself with the aid of SideStix, a sports crutch developed by Sarah Doherty & Kerith Perreur-Lloyd of Roberts Creek. This is something new for Myah and she is gaining more independence each day.

Myah and Angela are training by walking each Sunday from Gibsons Rec Centre to the Gumboot Cafe in Roberts Creek. They begin at 9:30 am and anyone is invited to join them. You can also visit Myah's blog  to keep up with her progress and to donate to her cause. T-shirts and wristbands are also available.