Finance Minister Colin Hansen has apologized for his mistakes in how he and the government handled the HST issue.
My response -Minister, your spin doctors have evidently told you that if you apologize for the way the HST was handled then no one will accuse you of lying. Neat little trick but this public isn't going to let you get away with it.
Minister - you may be as truthful as a saint in other matters but on this issue and the private power issue you've been caught out lying through your teeth. You were thoroughly briefed on the effects of your proposed HST by your ministry - AT YOUR REQUEST - long before the May '09 election. HST was more than just on the rtadar screen, it was policy being formulated. To compound this, you have not released that part of the briefing document that was redacted. One must assume that the redacted part is even stronger in its recommendations against the HST than the limited amount we were allowed to see.
You should do the right thing and resign.
If you're going to stick to your story that you didn't read either of the two briefs presented to you, you should resign for utter incompetence.
Minister - when you and Gordon (Pinocchio) Campbell denied, during the May '09 election, that you had any plans to bring in the HST, that was untrue. Both you and Premier Campbell should resign on that issue alone.
Minister, in the Independent Power Producers issue you did a 1:51 clip (Google Colin Hansen on power) in which you made at least five hard statements each of which was false. Again, on this issue by itself, you must resign.
No Minister, don't apologize for handling the communication of the HST to the public - hang your head in shame and apologize for not telling the public the truth - and while you're at it, encourage the Premier to do the same.
Then both of you should do the right thing and resign.