Global Environmental Connections

Discovering Global Environmental Interconnecitons: articles by independent journalist Stephen Leahy.  Based outside of Toronto (Uxbridge), Stephen Leahy is the international science and environment correspondent for the Rome-headquartered Inter Press Service News Agency (IPS), the world’s 6th largest global news agency.

Dr. James Hansen

Writings of Dr. James Hansen of the Earth Institutue of Columbia University.


Reports from members of the Tranisition Town Initiative Group on the Sunshine Coast. They will bring you along on their journey to Transition each month.

Following the SCRD

Following the SCRD: A citizen's report will be a regular column featuring writings on SCRD meetings by local citizens.

Food Action Network

News from the Food Action Network.

MISSION: Strengthening local sustainable food growing, production and distribution on the Sunshine Coast. We are a collective of individuals and groups who actively support a sustainable food system on the Sunshine Coast. We have great potlucks we call meetings every month.  We work on issues of food policy, and we collaborate on grassroots projects.  We support and raise awareness about local food security initiatives.  And we network, of course!

Rafe here...

reprinted with permission from The Common Sense Canadian, or Rafe Mair Online.

I want to be an organic chicken farmer

My name is Lee Riggs. This is the story of my journey to be a farmer, to make a living at farming, to create food security for myself, my family, and my community. To grow good food that is good for our bodies and our soul.