To Goldsmith-Jones, the Consequences of Approval of Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Pamela Goldsmith-Jones
Member of Parliament,
West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country

Re: Kinder Morgan- The consequences of approval.

Dear Pamela Goldsmith-Jones,

I have heard that Prime Minister Trudeau and the cabinet are likely to make a decision on the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion this coming Tuesday, November 29th.

Given the extremely grave nature of this major decision, I need to ask you a few direct questions.

Are you aware that there is absolutely no way, I repeat, ABSOLUTELY NO WAY, for Tar Sands heavy oil- diluted bitumen to be "cleaned up" in the event of a spill? This is a scientific fact, not a point of debate, yet the NEB hearings refused to hear evidence on this key point.

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