One Straw Society Announces Seedy Saturday and Staff Changes

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Greetings in this new year and new season of opportunities and challenges. As One Straw begins its twenty-fourth year promoting a thriving, connected, and sovereign food system for our region, we are excited about what lies ahead. Your newly elected Board has been working hard to solidify ourselves through recent transitions, implementing our new constitution and bylaws, and most importantly, putting “hands and feet” on our mandate.
Seedy Saturday :
First up, we are pleased to again host the hugely popular annual Seedy Saturday, our community’s springtime planting kickoff event. Please join us on March 9th at the Roberts Creek Hall to connect with other food and garden enthusiasts, enjoy activities (kid-positive!), find the very best seeds and seedlings, and a rich variety of food and crafted products from our local producers. If you are interested, you can also volunteer to help make the event a better success. Send an email to our wonderful new Events Coordinator Nicole McKay at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also find the most up to date information on the event here :

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Federal Court of Appeal Quashes Kinder Morgan Expansion

2018 has been the most devastating fire season in recorded B.C. history, beating the previous worst fire season in 2017, creating the worst air quality in the world, right here, with scientists attributing these events to humancaused climate change. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flew into Nanaimo under heavy smoke, to hold caucus meetings. On the ground, environmental activist-protectors stood with Indigenous leaders to voice their continued opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project and Trudeau’s decision to buy the pipeline for a reported 4.5 billion dollars. But economist Robyn Allan has said the deal could eventually cost taxpayers between 15-20 billion dollars. 1

In the years of resistance to the pipeline expansion, more than 400 people have been arrested, with many facing heavy fines and prison sentences. But in a ruling on August 30, 2018, the Supreme Court of Canada quashed the project, in a historic and scathing 266-page unanimous decision. The applicants were several First Nations, Environmental NGOs, and the cities of Burnaby and Vancouver, vs The Attorney General of Canada, the National Energy Board, and Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC. Chief amongst the issues cited in the decision were: - Failure by the Government of Canada to properly consult First Nations. - A flawed National Energy Board Hearing, not considering tanker traffic. - Failure to address the threat to Southern Resident Orcas, which are under threat of extinction.

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Humpback Come Back!

 As late summer comes to the Sunshine Coast so do the humpback whales. Reports and pictures from coast residents and visitors are being posted on social media. Now is a good time to review the laws concerning whales and encounters with them and also the habits and interesting information scientists have learned about these amazing creatures.

A lot can be learned from Jackie Hildering of MERS (Marine Education and Research Society).Hildering uses her underwater photography and storytelling as "The Marine Detective" to increase awareness of the biodiversity, mystery and fragility of life in the NE Pacific Ocean.

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Edible Garden Tour and Resilient Neighborhoods

The One Straw Society presents the 8th Annual Edible Garden Tour on Sunday, August 6 from 11 am to the evening. This year's tour begins at Kym's Plants in Halfmoon Bay proceeds to the Exotic Fruit Nursery in Roberts Creek and winds down at the Persephone Brewery Farm with beer and pizza.

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Zero Waste Bolts Across Canada

On July 1 2017, Buddy Boyd and Barb Hetherington will be dipping the wheels of their all- electric Chevrolet Bolt in the waters in Victoria BC as they launch a low impact road trip across Canada visiting communities along the way to promote Zero Waste and zero emission transportation.The couple have a road trip with a purpose and intend to drive from Victoria to Quidi Vidi Newfoundland in their new Bolt.

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Citizens Called to Oppose Chapman Water Supply Expansion Project


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A proposal by the Sunshine Coast Regional District, the Chapman Water Supply Expansion Project, is meeting resistance from citizens and organizations. The proposal is to enable the SCRD to draw down an additional 5 meters of water level from Chapman Lake which will involve digging a deeper channel. The SCRD is currently asking the taxpayers to agree to a 30 year, $5 million loan for the project through an AAP (Alternative Approval Process).

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Support Treaty 8 First Nations Call for No Site C!

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Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs Tell Premier Clark: No Site C!

Send a Letter: I support Treaty 8 First Nations' opposition to the proposed Site C dam project! Site C is the very opposite of a climate solution.  The proposed Site C hydroelectric dam project is not “clean energy.” 

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A Fruitful Season Ahead for the Sunshine Coast Fruit Tree Project

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Got fruit trees? Need fruit? Whether you have just a little or a lot of excess fruit that you need help picking, or you simply want fresh, local fruit to eat or preserve, the Sunshine Coast Fruit Tree Project is here to help! Fruit is an incredibly abundant local and organic food resource on the coast – so much so that there aren't nearly enough hands to pick and distribute what is grown.

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The Six Bombs - How Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and terminal expansion threatens you, your children,and your children’s children

SARAMA PK 20 Children at Secret Beach Tidal pool Sequence 01.Still005 copy.Still005 copy                                        Children at Secret Beach by the Salish Sea.  All photos by Sarama unless otherwise noted.

After leaving the Enron Corp., former Enron executives, Rich Kinder and William Morgan formed the Kinder Morgan company in 1997, which took over the liquid pipeline assets of Enron. In 2005 Kinder Morgan (Canada) bought the Trans Mountain pipeline and became its 100% owner. (So, I will mostly use, Kinder Morgan, the name of the parent company.) On Dec. 16, 2013 Trans Mt. filed an application to expand its facilities, to triple capacity.This pipeline expansion project will deliver a devastating barrage of toxic “bombs,”exploding in slow motion through space-time, through the matrix of life, through unseen generations, globally, nationally, regionally, and with direct impacts, locally.

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