Citizens Called to Oppose Chapman Water Supply Expansion Project


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A proposal by the Sunshine Coast Regional District, the Chapman Water Supply Expansion Project, is meeting resistance from citizens and organizations. The proposal is to enable the SCRD to draw down an additional 5 meters of water level from Chapman Lake which will involve digging a deeper channel. The SCRD is currently asking the taxpayers to agree to a 30 year, $5 million loan for the project through an AAP (Alternative Approval Process).

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Support Treaty 8 First Nations Call for No Site C!

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Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs Tell Premier Clark: No Site C!

Send a Letter: I support Treaty 8 First Nations' opposition to the proposed Site C dam project! Site C is the very opposite of a climate solution.  The proposed Site C hydroelectric dam project is not “clean energy.” 

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Are You Ready to Leap?

We start from the premise that Canada is facing the deepest crisis in recent memory.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has acknowledged shocking details about the violence of Canada’s near past. Deepening poverty and inequality are a scar on the country’s present. And Canada’s record on climate change is a crime against humanity’s future.

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The Turtle Babies Have Arrived!

Spring is the time of year when tiny Western Painted Turtle hatchlings emerge from their underground nests and head for nearby lakes and wetlands. Each tiny turtle baby is just the size of a loonie! The Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project is asking for your help in monitoring the baby turtles.

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