Following the SCRD: A citizen's report will be a regular column featuring writings on SCRD meetings by local citizens.

Sunshine Coast Attentive Taxpayers launch SCRD Audit Petition

On February 14, 2012 our Provincial Government announced the formation of a new department called the “Auditor General for Local Government” (AGLG). Their purpose is to conduct performance audits of local governments to provide objective information and advice to help them be accountable to their communities for their stewardship of public assets and their achievement of value for money in their operations.

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Death by Success? The New Recycling Contract

There are many examples of 'Death by Success'; the Salmon spawning process, the Praying Mantis mating ritual, and even the successful matchstick which, when struck, proceeds to consume itself. A new example could be the new SCRD Recycling Contract recently signed by the Gibsons Recycling Depot (GRD).

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Let's Trash Talk

I had coffee recently with Garry Nohr, Chair of the SCRD Board, it was during our discussion that he informed that the new contract for refuse (trash) collection had been signed with ...... Direct Disposal, well who would have guessed. SCRD along with the Town of Gibsons and the quaint village of Sechelt have collectively engaged our favorite trash guys for another two years but here is the best part you get to pay more for the privilege of having the exhaust spewing beast of a truck race down your street every week when you only put the trash out one a month. How much you say? Just a mere 11% ($42,000) and considering the rate of inflation was only 3.2% last year you should consider this a deal, your newly elected officials did. It should be noted that this is only for Areas B,C,D &E.

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