What Happened to Zero Waste on the Sunshine Coast?

The announcement by Buddy Boyd and Barbara Hetherington of Gibsons Recycling Depot to discontinue their business at the end of their contract is a huge loss for the Sunshine Coast.  GRD has been a positive example of what can be accomplished by determination, innovation and plain hard work. Their decision is not unexpected. Rather the question is what took them so long? Their journey to Zero Waste has been steady and determined.

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Now the Real Work Begins

Harper is out as our Prime Minister, John Weston as our MP and many here on the Coast are celebrating. It took a lot of organization and thoughtfulness to get here. But now the real work begins.

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Wake Up Call for the Sunshine Coast

Forest fires, water restrictions, air advisories. This summer is becoming a wake up call for the Sunshine Coast. Living in this beautiful place with such clean air, water and lovely rainforest and coastline is something you can certainly get used to and take for granted. The drought and recent Sechelt Old Mine Fire have put in all back into perspective.

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50 Shades of Green

 It's spring and that is the perfect time to get all excited about 50 Shades of Green. These actions will leave you feeling much better and more positive than stressing on those grey ones. So here goes:

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All Our Eggs in the LNG Basket is Short Sited

A lot of British Columbia's economic future is riding on the LNG liquid natural gas industry. Premier Clark has caught the LNG bug and has put a lot of stock in that industry making money for all of BC.

But it may be a little too late. Lots of other countries are now on the same bandwagon and the competition is fierce. Meanwhile the Asian market which is the major importer of LNG is working hard to become self-sufficient and some are predicting that they will stop importing the gas before the BC facilites are even built.

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Quit Talking Garbage

It is time for the SCRD to quit talking garbage and talk resources

Zero Waste. The Sunshine Coast Regional District is all for it. Their theme for the new public outreach campaign is "Zero Waste - It Starts With You". Just check out their website and there it is.

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