Federal Court of Appeal Quashes Kinder Morgan Expansion

2018 has been the most devastating fire season in recorded B.C. history, beating the previous worst fire season in 2017, creating the worst air quality in the world, right here, with scientists attributing these events to humancaused climate change. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flew into Nanaimo under heavy smoke, to hold caucus meetings. On the ground, environmental activist-protectors stood with Indigenous leaders to voice their continued opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project and Trudeau’s decision to buy the pipeline for a reported 4.5 billion dollars. But economist Robyn Allan has said the deal could eventually cost taxpayers between 15-20 billion dollars. 1

In the years of resistance to the pipeline expansion, more than 400 people have been arrested, with many facing heavy fines and prison sentences. But in a ruling on August 30, 2018, the Supreme Court of Canada quashed the project, in a historic and scathing 266-page unanimous decision. The applicants were several First Nations, Environmental NGOs, and the cities of Burnaby and Vancouver, vs The Attorney General of Canada, the National Energy Board, and Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC. Chief amongst the issues cited in the decision were: - Failure by the Government of Canada to properly consult First Nations. - A flawed National Energy Board Hearing, not considering tanker traffic. - Failure to address the threat to Southern Resident Orcas, which are under threat of extinction.

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The Six Bombs - How Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and terminal expansion threatens you, your children,and your children’s children

SARAMA PK 20 Children at Secret Beach Tidal pool Sequence 01.Still005 copy.Still005 copy                                        Children at Secret Beach by the Salish Sea.  All photos by Sarama unless otherwise noted.

After leaving the Enron Corp., former Enron executives, Rich Kinder and William Morgan formed the Kinder Morgan company in 1997, which took over the liquid pipeline assets of Enron. In 2005 Kinder Morgan (Canada) bought the Trans Mountain pipeline and became its 100% owner. (So, I will mostly use, Kinder Morgan, the name of the parent company.) On Dec. 16, 2013 Trans Mt. filed an application to expand its facilities, to triple capacity.This pipeline expansion project will deliver a devastating barrage of toxic “bombs,”exploding in slow motion through space-time, through the matrix of life, through unseen generations, globally, nationally, regionally, and with direct impacts, locally.

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The Decline of Abundance

The decline of abundance and decline of diversity of life associated with aquatic systems in and around the Georgia Basin of BC may have peaked in the late 20th century. That is not to say that it can’t or won’t decline further, but that there has been some marginal recovery of species and even of abundance, during the new millennium.

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The Little Community That Could


It is patently obvious that this council and you our mayor, only represent one side of the community.  Those with a different idea – a bigger idea, a self sustaining idea, an idea that would make us the envy of all, have been told to be quiet, and not always that nicely.  While we were speaking we could watch your complete disinterest and dismissal.

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Mr. Weston and C-51 - You Underestimate Canadian Resolve and Grit

In Response to John Weston, MP, “Weston: the silent majority supports bill” published in the Local Weekly, March 26, 2015.

Bill C-51 [is] carefully attempting to balance freedom and security.” Mr. Weston asks Canadians to take the supposed benevolence of CSIS and his government on blind faith. He offers no formula for his “balancing” act, no criteria to justify further invasion of personal human freedoms which are already impaired. No case whatsoever. He fails to cite any facts or law which would even allow a government to engage in a balancing act, and such power is not granted from liberty itself, borne of mere human existence, not a gift from the leader.

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