A Community Food Hub is an idea that is being proposed by the Food Action Network of the One Straw Society. A hub for the processing, storage and distribution of local food.would lend support to local farmers and food production here on the Sunshine Coast. The proposed facility will include a commercial kitchen, warehouse storage, space for workshops, meetings and farmer's markets.

The site will also feature demonstration edible gardens, composting systems, and will act as a training centre for farmers and food producers.Throughout the year, the food hub will provide a venue for local food producers to distribute their goods to the public through food delivery programs, and regular farmers markets.

The Network hopes to create a more environmentally and economically sustainable food system that strengthens our regional food supply, creates jobs and training opportunities, and encourages healthy farming practices on agricultural lands.

 The proposal is currently under consideration  by the Aviva Community Fund for support. They need to be in the top 10 ideas that get the most votes for their funding category. The Food Action Network is asking the community to vote for them on the Aviva site at: http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf9511