The Natural Connections Science Engagement Program delivered by the Ruby Lake Lagoon Society, enables youth on BC’s Sunshine Coast to learn through hands-on exploration led by local scientists and naturalists in the forest, wetland, freshwater and marine ecosystems of the region.

Our goals are to provide outstanding interactive science learning opportunities for kids; to inspire excitement, curiosity and enthusiasm about science; to connect   students with scientist mentors and encourage them to pursue futures in science; and to work with local schools and teachers to increase their capacity for nature-based science education.

Young students develop skills of scientific enquiry, observation and hand eye coordination when using microscopes. They are natural scientists, when given the opportunity. NSERC Promoscience funding helps promote science to children who may not otherwise be exposed to these rich learning  opportunities.

On February 26th, 2015 Lagoon Society Coordinated a Field Trip with PHSS Science Tech 11 Class to Ambrose Lake Ecological Reserve with Lagoon Society Director and Warden Dr. John Field and Shishalh and Squamish Nation Member Jessica Casey.  Students learned about Ecological Reserves and identified traditional medicinal  plants.ambrose

Students participating in programming at the Iris Griffith Interpretive and Field Studies Centre are able to interact with visiting graduate students who come to the region to study Stickleback species pairs. lab

Graduate students are always happy to share their passion for these unique, rare and most fascinating species.lab 2


This year students from Kinnikinnick Community School met with visiting graduate students from Clark University, Boston Massachusetts.






                       Students enjoyed performances about climate change by visiting cycling group Otesha, Spring 2015.


Great care and respect is taken to return all animals to the water at the end of every visit to the pond. The learning continues back at school, with resources and materials provided by the Iris Griffith Interpretive and Field Studies Centre.

Lee-Ann Ennis is an environmental education specialist and serves as the Education Program Coordinator for the Iris Griffith Centre. Prior to joining the IGC Lee-Ann was a Program Coordinator for the Vancouver Aquarium.