I was reading the Transition newsletter this morning and was thrilled to noticed that the Mission / Purpose statement (below) ends with the word HAPPINESS. 
 "Supporting community-led responses to climate change
and shrinking supplies of cheap energy, building resilience and happiness."
This word is often taken lightly, kind of fluffy and not really worth our attention & effort.  Yet I think our pursuit, conscious or unconscious of never ending happiness is at the core of the  environmental and social  collapse that we are experiencing. 
We are constantly looking for More, Better, Faster.... NOW is never quite good enough, so we strive for  things to be better in the future, which will make us happier right?  Wrong.  Happiness is not a future event, it is a NOW experience. It is an inside job, yet we demand that the external situation to make us happy, which it can never do.  We think a new and improved future will get us to the ultimate happiness goal, but once we are there, we are not satisfied so we create another "future" that will be more satisfying.  Thus we keep using up resources to make us happy... bigger house, new clothes, holiday trips, different food, nicer car.... 
Transition is actually a transition from striving for a better future to reveling in the magic of now. All the great sages have espoused about the power of now.... and we enlightened/environmental ones tend to agree.... we are just waiting for a better now in order to experience that. 
Just some rambling thoughts on this magnificent day... Many Blessings.