SCiT was at the Gibsons Jazz Festival street party for a flawless blue-sky day of great music and good vibes! With the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association, Wildsafe BC, and Deer Crossing the Art Farm as neighbours we were in good company. Further down TraC were there as well, giving out free tea & coffee vouchers donated by local cafes to visitors who came on their bicycles. It was really nice to see people trying out the electric-assist bikes available and to be part of such a vibrant community with so many groups oriented toward positive chang

Transition Cafe back at Gibsons' Wheatberries July 31
The last Transition Cafe of the summer is to be held at the Gibsons Wheatberries on July 31 from 6-8pm.

Activities will include an update on the SCiT and its initiatives and a showing of a short video from Mortal Coil Media to stimulate a discussion of sustainable forest management practices. The forest offers so much more than raw logs for export. Come to discover and discuss the long-term importance of a healthy forest ecosystem.

Alternatively, if you want more info on the Transition projects or want to get involved, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Transition Streets Pilot Project
Thank you to everyone who responded to the Transition Streets Pilot Project.  We were delighted to receive interest in all relevant geographical areas of the Coast.  At press time, it looks like the first neighbourhood to get active is Langdale.  Most potential neighbourhood hosts requested additional time to recruit more neighbours over the summer, so applications for the pilot project will remain open until September.   We are very grateful to the individuals and groups who have been giving local input into our Transition Streets work manuals.
Robert's Creek Free Market
Come to the Roberts Creek's Free Market on Sunday, July 27!
This community co-creation with Gibsons Recycling is running for three more months (also on Aug. 24 and Sept. 21) and takes place at the gazebo behind the RC Public Library. It will be a space where people can gather and share freely, giving and taking as inspired. This month there will be a clothing swap, starting at 11am.

To participate, please:

    Check with the organizer when you arrive or before the event
    Leave no trace
    Be respectful of the environment and community; please be responsible for what you have brought that hasn't been gifted to another.

All are welcome!

    Musicians, people with skills or snacks to share, artists and acrobats!
    Objects in need of another home such as books, furniture, arts and crafts
    Anything inspired, imagined, or grown.


Inner Transition
SCiT is taking the month of August to enjoy the lovely summer weather on our beautiful coast. Stay tuned for the September Newsletter for news on Inner Transition and our other groups.