Earthday in Robert's Creek
April 26 was another day of music and conversation in Robert's Creek to celebrate our Earth, promoting the many initiatives and messages from all the people describing issues, raising alarms, and/or offering solutions in response to environmental decay. Earthday is now recognized in 192 countries and celebrated by over a billion people.

It can be hard, sometimes depressing, to work in environmental advocacy or management, seeing losses of habitat or constantly hearing about alarming trends. However, days like these serve as a reminder that the movement is diverse, creative, and beautiful in it's complexity; there are many voices for the future of humanity and the wild we depend on.

To find out how to be part of the transition to a more resilient and less carbon-intensive society, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Community Solar
Sunshine Coast Community Solar has met to process and discuss the amazing outpouring of community interest at our public meeting in March and we will be contacting survey respondents, unless they opted out, with plans to develop:

  •     a bulk-buying club
  •     an energy usage conservation team
  •     a solar garden, potentially in partnership with SD46.

There may be other outcomes, such as a non-profit society, co-op, or solar contractor's association. The eventual nature of these projects will be determined by the folks involved. Stay tuned for more on these.

Transition Streets
The Town of Gibsons Transition Streets pilot project began in March with five willing and eager households. Transition Streets participants focus on five key areas -- energy, water, food, transportation, and waste -- through sharing ideas and learning from each other. The conversations are rich and thoughtful. Action items are personal and varied in size and scope. Being accountable to the group is motivating.

For more information, got to or, if you want to be a host for a Transiton Streets in your neighbourhood, email : Leonie & Katherine This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transition Spotlight                                                                                                                                                                           We want to shine a light on accessible transition-friendly projects, enterprises, and people in the region. This new section of the newsletter will be a listing, changing every month, of a few such notables. We plan to add each month's spotlights to a more persistent list on our website and we welcome suggestions. This month the Coast Solar team got "charged up" by a couple of things. Neither of them is particularly local but they do hold local promise!

The Future of Energy - Link here to see this inspiring film.

Tesla Energy's New Battery - Link here for Elon Musk's announcement on YouTube.