A little more on the HST which your premier and government are avoiding like the plague.

First, the present PST does NOT cover all the items the HST does meaning that the increase from 10% to 12% is grossly misleading with the cost to the taxpayer considerably more than the stated %. While the stated % is 10 expanded to 12, because the new tax covers a lot more items, we pay a hell of a lot more in actual cash.

It’s a shell game as governments are so good at and underscores what I said about trusting this government to reduce the tax in three years.

A further and critically important point. The power to impose direct taxation, under our constitution, belongs to the provinces exclusively. By this deal we cede that constitutional power to Ottawa with nothing I can see to prevent the federal government increasing its % forcing BC to reduce theirs or perhaps give it up entirely meaning Ottawa will have this tax all to itself.

I cannot understand how any BC government could cede its taxation authority to the federal government putting BC in the position of going to Ottawa with a begging bowl to get tax dollars that used to belong to the province exclusively. I have to wonder if this has anything to do with Gordon Campbell’s juicy sinecure as Canada’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom?

In every way, this tax is bad for British Columbians made all the worst by this Liberal government’s deceit.