Below is a statement by the Conservative Party of Canada which will, I’ll bet, make you want to throw up. What an awful statement coming from the government of Canada!

You overlook the fact that spills are not risks but mathematical certainties, you overlook the fact that because of the terrain (Rockies and Coast Ranges) that only a helicopter will be able to get to the pipeline, no machinery; you overlook the fact that even if Enbridge could get to a spill there’s nothing they can do (I suggest you look at the Enbridge and Kalamazoo case); you overlook the fact that Enbridge’s track record (811 “accidents in the past 2 years!) is appalling; you overlook the fact that the pipelines would cross 1000 rivers and streams with no regard for the large salmon runs which would be destroyed,

You overlook the feelings and legal claims of the First Nations with much of this territory unceded: you overlook the fact that 131 Chiefs are dead set against these pipelines* and, if all that isn’t enough, you fail to address the fact that the lines are useless unless they can be shipped by tanker down one of the most dangerous coasts in the world, this tanker traffic is utterly opposed by the First Nations involved.

You know and indeed have confessed, as has the minister and the prime minister have, that the environmental assessment process is simply a nuisance to be finished with as soon as possible.

*there are two parallel pipelines, one to take the treated sludge to the coast, the other to take the condensate used to ship this sludge, back to the Tar Sands.

Conservative Party of Canada

Date: February 17, 2012 For immediate release

Today, Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre-North, Michelle Rempel, released the following statement regarding NDP Leadership Candidate Nathan Cullen’s appearance at a hearing for the Enbridge Joint Review Panel:

“The NDP is out of touch with the needs of ordinary Canadians.  In its relentless battle against energy development and trade, it has turned its back on the hundreds of thousands of Canadians employed in the energy and mining sectors.

“It has also ignored the millions more who benefit from important social programs like health care, education and pensions that are funded by royalties and taxes paid by Canada's resource companies.

“Our Government understands the critical importance of diversifying markets for our energy products and natural resources to create jobs and economic growth across Canada, including British Columbia.  There is a projected $500 billion in investments in Canada’s natural resource sector in the next decade, with significant investment opportunities in BC.

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently concluded a mission to China where numerous agreements on air transportation, agriculture, energy, science and technology were signed.  China is on the road to becoming the largest economy in the world and our Government, along with British Columbia, has invested billions to enable trade through the Asia-Pacific Gateway.

“Canada’s environmental regulatory system is one of the strongest in the world and by reducing its inefficiencies we will unleash Canada’s economic potential. An inefficient and duplicative regulatory system does not create better environmental outcomes, it merely delays investment in Canadian sustainable resource projects that will create tens of thousands of high quality jobs.

“Canadian labour unions know that future prosperity for Canadian families lies with the responsible development of our natural resources and that's why they publicly support major energy infrastructure projects. They include the Canadian Building Trades, United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the U.S. & Canada, General International Union of Operating Engineers, Laborers’ International Union of North America, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, International and the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

“Meanwhile, the NDP continues to oppose all of these job-creating projects and related trade initiatives.

“Our Government is committed to maintaining Canada’s standing as the best place for investment and economic growth. That positions British Columbia’s economy, as well as the Canadian economy, to fully participate in the world's most dynamic growing markets.”