Tomorrow's rally has been postponed until January.  The following message from Harold Steves was posted on the Facebook site of the Farmland Defence League of BC:

Due to recent unforseen events the Rally planned for 12 noon this Friday at the Vancouver Art Gallery has been postponed until January. Stay posted we need to organize a major coalition of groups. We are in for the battle of the century.

With the full support of Donna Passmore, the Rally organizer, a number of people from the Sunshine Coast were going to the Rally with quite a few Site C signs and one banner to the demonstration. Joe Foy was scheduled to speak and Sarah Cox was writing a piece for their paper. This is all last minute, but at least we now know why we had not heard back from the planners. Donna, the key organizer, had been in a serious car accident.

So the Rally is called off for now. Please let your contacts know the situation and to be ready for the Rally in the New Year. Meanwhile let's hope that Donna gets well soon

Sunshine Coast residents are organizing a convoy to attend the Agricultural Land Reserve Rally in Vancouver on Friday, December 13 at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The convoy will meet at the 10:20 am ferry and travel to the rally which begins at noon until 2pm.

The rally is in support of the farmers and First Nations and wildlife from BC's northeast and support for the ALR and to show opposition to the proposed Site C Dam. Thousands of agriculturally rich acres along 107 kilometres of the Peace, Halfway and Moberly Rivers in the Peace River Valley will be eliminated should the Site C dam go ahead. This would be by far the largest withdrawal ever from the Agriculture Land Reserve and a blow to food security in our province. The agricultural lands of the Peace River Valley in BC are some of the richest and most productive in the province.

Speakers will include:  Harold Steves (Farmland Defence League of BC/ALRFounder), Donna Passmore (Farmland Defence League of BC), Joe Foy (Wilderness Committee), Patricia Ross (City of Abbotsford), Nicholas Simons (BC NDP Agriculture Critic), Damien Gillis (Common Sense Canadian), the Raging Grannies and more. 

The Farmland Defence League will be releasing its hot off the presses SAVE THE ALR - 40th Anniversary Newspaper.  

If you need a ride or have a vehicle and passenger room, contact Lynn Chapman (email: envirochap(at)eastlink.ca, phone: (604) 885-2101) or George Smith (email: georgesmith(at)dccnet.com, phone: (604)886-3136).