BC Ferries Coalition reports that 2020 people participated in the ferry protest rallies held along the coast on Saturday, January 18. The protests were staged at nine locations on the Sunshine Coast.

The locations and their totals were:

  • Langdale Terminal     250 people
  • Pratt Road                250   
  • Roberts Creek          125   
  • Sechelt                    500   
  • Halfmoon Bay          100   
  • Madeira Park            110     
  • Egmont Road            35   
  • Powell River             250   
  • Gabriola Island         400   

Participants also brought letters to Premier Christy Clark stating their opinions on the ferry situation and gathered signatures on a petition to have the ferry corporation moved back to the Miinistry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Numbers were not yet available, but it has been unofficially reported that around 10,000 signatures were collected.

"The next step is to confer with our own Steering Committee and the BC Coastal-Mainland Alliance to expand the scope of our work," stated Jef Keighley of the Coalition. He said their committee will be meeting very soon to gather their numbers and information.

Meanwhile the FerryHostage.com group has started a Hunger Strike campaign asking ferry passengers not to buy any food on the ferries on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They say this will "show you are serious and our economies are starving too."

 People who have emailed their letters to Clark are receiving stock answers back stating, "Feedback received from the engagement process will be presented to the ministry and BC Ferries to help inform policy changes and service adjustments.  A copy of the report summarizing the public input will be available early this year."