A bus load of concerned Sunshine Coast residents attended the BC Ferry protest rally in Victoria on March 11. They joined over 1000 citizens in expressing their dissatisfaction with the ferry service cuts. Speeches by business people, First Nations, the NDP, the ferry workers Union and everyday users reiterated the message to bring the ferry system back under the Ministry of Transportation.

The Sunshine Coast group was dedicated as they had to rise early to catch the 6:30 am ferry to begin the trek to Victoria and didn't get home until the 7:30 pm. sailing. However, most of the group said it was worth it and they felt they needed to join in and make a statement to Premier Clark and the Legislature.

Speakers were varied, including NDP, Green Party, Union workers, parents of school children, grandparents and business people. They all had the same message: the ferry service cuts and fare increases were going to hurt coastal communities. The ferry system should be returned to the Ministry of Transportation.

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