The widest Mountain Hemlock in all of B.C. has been discovered and recorded by Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) in an alpine area of Dakota Bowl. The tree is 6.83M (22'4") in circumference. ELF has named the tree the "Dakota Sentinel". The 2nd widest Mountain Hemlock on the list comes in at 5.99M.

ELF measured circumferences of 4.47M, 4.77M, 5.18M, 3.9M, and 5.65M in the area.  Heights were measured using a clinometer and the crown spreads measured and recorded. These are all top measurements for the species, showing that this site grows the widest Mountain Hemlocks known in BC.

The 'Dakota Sentinel' guards over a forest kingdom containing black bear den sites and other massive Red and Yellow Cedars. 'The Sentinel' sits precariously on an edge of a BC Timber Sales cutblock.

The BC Big Tree Registry (hosted by UBC Faculty of Forestry) has updated its web site with the finding. Big Tree Registry link