Tru Love, a bittersweet love story about three women whose hearts crack open, will be the featured film presented by Queer Projections at this year's Sunshine Coast Pride Weekend. The award-winning Canadian film will be shown on Friday, June 27 at 7:30 pm at the Gibsons Heritage Playhouse.

In the film, Alice recently widowed and still in mourning, has decided to fly in on very short notice to visit her lawyer daughter Suzanne. Suzanne is too busy to spend time with her mother, and asks her friend Tru to “babysit” Alice. Tru, a bed-hopping, commitment-phobic lesbian with a talent for French cooking, agrees to help Suzanne — a friend who apparently at some point, wasn’t just a friend. An unexpected attraction builds between Tru and Alice, and Suzanne becomes increasingly threatened.

The film, directed by Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald, is the recipient of critical aclaim and many awards, including the Best Feature Film Audience Award at the recent Inside/Out Film Festival in Toronto. Tickets are $12 at the door or you can purchase on-line at: pride film tickets.

Pride Weekend commemorates the Stonewall riots which took place on June 28, 1969 in New York. The riots are considered to be the inciting moment that sparked the gay liberation movement. Other events during the weekend include a performance by Kate Reid, a dance and silent auction at the Roberts Creek Hall on Saturday night. More information and tickets available at

Queer Projections aims to bring queer films to the Sunshine Coast in order to promote LGBTQ visibility and encourage communication and connections across our varied communities. Through these film events, we hope to foster understanding, equality, diversity and counteract the effects of homophobia and discrimination. Queer Projections events are produced by Rhizome Up! Media at

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