The Fight HST petition has added another 9 ridings to the 15% of registered voters’ signatures for a total of 80 of 85 ridings to meet the Fight HST internal threshold.

Fight HST Lead Organizer, Chris Delaney, says the total signatures gathered is over 620,000, more than double the Elections BC threshold of 300,000 signatures required across the 85 electoral districts in BC


Sunshine Coast Petition Signup locations

Halfmoon Bay General Store
Mon - Fri    8 am to 6 pm
Unitl July 5
One on One Office Supply  
April 6 - July 5       
5672 Cowrie St.  Mon-Fri  10 am - 5 pm            
Daphnes Resturant
12:30 to 2:30 Mondays until July 5
Sechelt Farmers and Artisans Market
Raven's Cry parking lot    8:30 am to  1:30  Saturdays until July 5
Town Centre Mall   Joyce Ave.
10 - 3   until July 5
Credit Union
Mon, Tues. & Wed   11 am to 2 pm
The organizers are currently  working to get canvassers for the following:

Sechelt Seniors Centre

Volunteer Canvassers Needed

50 volunteer canvassers in each riding means only 100 signatures per canvasser to stop the HST - HST Freedom 50.

Sign up to be a canvasser at