Sunshine Coast citizens Marched from Pioneer Park to Charman Creek in Gibsons today to show support for the Salmon Are Sacred Migration led by long-time wild salmon preservation campaigner, Alexandra Morton.

Locals have been gathering petitions to send to the Federal Government via MP, Finn Donnelly in an effort to prevent fish farm contaminants from debilitating wild stocks.  Donnelly's swimming marathons to raise environmental awareness include three Save Georgia Strait Marathons, a circumnavigation (swim) of Vancouver Island and swimming the length of the Fraser River.  Salmon-shaped cardboard postcards to the BC Premier will also be delivered at the Victoriarally asking the provincial government to move fish farms away from sensitive wild salmon migration routes.

Six-year-olds Pippa Boothroyd and Coral Christian carried their big salmon during the march and rally to save wild stocks in Gibsons Sunday afternoon.

Denise Lagasse drums and sings the Salmon Song with about a hundred participants at a "salmon migration" march and rally in Gibsons on Sunday in a effort to save wild stocks from fish farm contaminants.

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