A lot of British Columbia's economic future is riding on the LNG liquid natural gas industry. Premier Clark has caught the LNG bug and has put a lot of stock in that industry making money for all of BC.

But it may be a little too late. Lots of other countries are now on the same bandwagon and the competition is fierce. Meanwhile the Asian market which is the major importer of LNG is working hard to become self-sufficient and some are predicting that they will stop importing the gas before the BC facilites are even built.

And you can be sure of another thing, if the gas prices are going up around the world then BC residents will be paying more for our own resource. Couple that with the fact that the gas comes from the fracking process which uses a huge amount of water to produce, gives off large amounts of methane gas and keeps us from meeting any of our greenhouse gas reduction goals and this is one big loser for British Columbians.