It's spring and that is the perfect time to get all excited about 50 Shades of Green. These actions will leave you feeling much better and more positive than stressing on those grey ones. So here goes:

Fifty Shades of Green:

  1. Get out that seed catalogue and start planning your garden.
  2. Compost your food waste.
  3. Grow your own sprouts.
  4. Visit your recycle centre with some items to be recycled.
  5. Bring your cloth bags to the store and refuse the plastic ones.
  6. Plant a tree.
  7. Share some seeds with a friend.
  8. Do your own research on alternatives to fossil fuels.
  9. Attend Seedy Saturday on March 28.
  10. Visit the Botanical Gardens.
  11. Join in your local community garden or start one.
  12. Ask about the local Transition Movement.
  13. Consider investing in solar panels.
  14. Raise bees.
  15. Support your local farmer.
  16. Join the Coast Car Coop.
  17. Or buy an electric vehicle.
  18. Or ride a bike .
  19. Or walk.
  20. Rethink your investment portfolio.
  21. Eat less red meat.
  22. Buy organic when you can.
  23. Don't use pesticides.
  24. Check out the resale shops first.
  25. Trade on Craig's List or other classifieds for used items.
  26. Leave those bubble packs and styro packaging at the retailers.
  27. Use an outdoor clothes line instead of the dryer.
  28. Catch rainwater for your plants.
  29. Purchase biodegradable cleaning products.
  30. Or try making some of your own.
  31. Go sailing or kayaking.
  32. Try canning some of your own food.
  33. Go hunting or fishing for your meat and seafood.
  34. Forage for mushrooms.
  35. Bake some bread.
  36. Join a sewing or knitting group.
  37. Make some music.
  38. Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones.
  39. Buy Fair Trade products.
  40. Ditch the plastic.
  41. Spend an afternoon cleaning up debris on the beach.
  42. Or in the forest.
  43. Hug someone.
  44. Offer a ride to the store to your elderly neighbor.
  45. Donate some books to the library.
  46. Go berry picking and then make some jam.
  47. Install low flow shower heads.
  48. Write a letter to a government official on an issue you feel strongly about.
  49. Donate to Sustainable Coast magazine.
  50. Smile a lot.