Harper is out as our Prime Minister, John Weston as our MP and many here on the Coast are celebrating. It took a lot of organization and thoughtfulness to get here. But now the real work begins.

Many Green Party and NDP voters in our riding decided to vote strategically in order to defeat John Weston and the Conservative Party. So we now have a Liberal representative and a Liberal majority in Parliament. Many did so with the overwhelming understanding that by the next election a different voting system would be in place, proportional representation.

But a word of caution is needed here. Trudeau and the Liberals haven't committed to proportional representation, only to changing first-past-the-post system. It could be another system. If this election were under the proportional system we would now have 10 Green members in Parliment. As it is Elizabeth May must go it alone again. A strong voice who can do it for all of us.

Another caution: Trudeau supported C-51, he has also backed the pipelines. And while the Liberals have a majority, the Conservatives are the minority government. Look for some compromises that may not make many environmentalists happy. Originally there was talk of a coalition government, but with a majority government the Liberals may not do that. A party in power wants to keep it that way.

If Trudeau keeps his promise to First Nations, the people on the frontlines fighting for the environment, then there may be a good chance. But don't hold your breath, follow the money. It might be tough for Trudeau to make good on some of these promises and with a majority government, does he have to?

Progressives will have to keep an eye on climate change and moving to a green economy. Our delegation and showing in the upcoming UN COP21 is the first thing to watch. Will he include Elizabeth May? While he says he will work with the provinces on greenhouse gas emissions, nothing has been clarified.

The momentum gathered in the election must continue with pressure to make sure the Liberals keep their promises. I have a feeling Pamela Goldsmith-Jones' inbox will stay full.