Forest fires, water restrictions, air advisories. This summer is becoming a wake up call for the Sunshine Coast. Living in this beautiful place with such clean air, water and lovely rainforest and coastline is something you can certainly get used to and take for granted. The drought and recent Sechelt Old Mine Fire have put in all back into perspective.

Within a very short time our food, homes, clean air and yes, even lives can be gone. Whether due to human error or climate change or Mother Nature, we need to prepare and rethink how we conduct our everyday lives so as to not put this special place and our community at risk.

That can mean saving water, growing some of your own food, being extra careful when in the forest or taking care of what we buy and how we discard our trash. We hold the answers right in our own hands.

Now go outside, enjoy our beautiful Sunshine Coast and make a pact with yourself to help preserve it.