Transition Sunshine Coast CANADA is part of a global network that inspires us all to imagine and create a vibrant future that  has alternatives to fossil fuels.  We embrace building local resilience which is ecologically sustainable while nurturing and celebrating our community.

Global Connections Webcast

You can watch the video of the live stream broadcast from the September 19th International Transition Conference.  Click here for Global Connections Webcast.

Plant Oil Recovery

Carbon neutral, locally-sourced fuel alternatives
Plant Oil Recovery is offering carbon-neutral, locally sourced fuel alternative on the Sunshine Coast to diesel owners. Its the 'Veggie Oil Patch' right here in Roberts creek, processing over 2,000L a month of clean, used vegetable.  Get unhinged from the fossil fuel industry - support a local initiative.
For more information go to: and:
Should you have any questions, contact:
Ross Muirhead
Plant Oil Recovery
Share-There Rideshare
Share-There is a new way to share rides with friends, promote events and sell tickets too!

If you've ever tried to arrange a carpool you know that it can be difficult. It's hard to know: “Who's going?” “Who needs a ride?”, and “How to set it all up?”. Share-There offers a completely free ride-sharing solution.
Start by signing up at and create your user profile. Then see who's already using the site or invite your friends and family to join. Simply offer or request rides using the local map. You can control who sees your ride posts and who you want to travel with. You can even set-up private groups and promote events.
Whether you're hosting a private party or a public event, you can use to connect online and en-route. Sell tickets to your events, receive ticket payments directly to your PayPal account and arrange free rides to whatever's happening in your personal networks and community.

Share-There is a new social enterprise being created right here on the Sunshine Coast and is being launched and tested in “beta”. A beta test is when you first let an application out into the real world and see how it does. There will be a few bumps along the road as we work to improve the system. Please tell us what you think so we can make it better.  
Sign up at to start sharing free rides! You can also buy or sell event tickets.

For more information please contact Michelle Morton at 604 741 3359 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Sunshine Coast Community Solar Association

The election may change the playing field for alternative energy options, so the Sunshine Coast Community Solar Association is is awaiting the outcome before moving on our community solar array and the school-top solar installation plans. Researches on the bulk buy are continuing and we are pleased to have been able to engage with students from the Sustainable Business Leadership Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. More to come on this long-term initiative!
Transition Spotlight
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