Did you know?

The average Canadian has an Ecological Footprint of 6.9 hectares. Three times the average of other citizens of the earth. ( your Ecological Footprint is a measure of the biologically productive area needed to produce the resources you use and the area to absorb the waste you generate) .We do not have enough planets to sustain us!

  • Canada is losing wilderness at the rate of one square kilometre every hour
  • More than 35,000 tonnes of pesticides, insecticides and fungicides are sprayed on Canadian crops each year.
  • About 40,000 trees are cut down each day just to produce the newsprint for Canada’s daily papers
  • In North America we produce enough garbage each day, to fill 70,000 garbage trucks. Lined bumper to bumper, over a year, they would stretch halfway to the moon
  • Taking into account highways, bridges, parking lots, gas and garages, 1/3 of all land in cities goes to accommodate the car
  • About 90% of the ocean’s carnivorous fish, including cod and tuna, have been fished out of existence
  • Chemical levels can be two to three times higher inside our homes than outside
  • For every litre of gasoline used, the average car produces 2.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide, the principle greenhouse gas

When I walk I see how blessed we are with mountains, trees, beautiful beaches and seeming abundance, but then perhaps a childhood memory of bees humming in flowers or fish tickling my toes in the shallow waters of the streams or the sounds of frogs croaking in the spring causes me to think and realize our world is changing as I no longer see the fish in the streams or the tadpoles in ditches, and the bees are not covering the clover flowers. With sadness I wonder if I will be able to share the experiences of nature’s abundance with younger generations or will I only be able to offer a story of what once was.

The path of thoughts in my mind leads me to a very terrible truth….it is my actions, my attitudes and my not recognizing my responsibility for the future that is causing our planet and life to be in peril.