SuCESS media release, January 18, 2010

"We had a fantastic response to our initial announcement ad last week," stated Peter MacKay, executive director. "We have now formed a non-profit society and hope to get participation from residents up and down the coast from Port Mellon to Egmont."

SuCESS aims to foster and promote a cooperative, inclusive working relationship between local government and the various organizations striving to positively contribute to the many environmental concerns that face us all. SuCESS will promote the global 10:10 movement which aims to reduce carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. The society expressed dissatisfaction with the leadership of the regional directors who defer to staff for input and do not seem to respond to the will of the people they represent. Organizers feel that local economics and sound environmental management must guide decision-making on the Sunshine Coast.

The environmental policies are seen as the most immediate and important task for SuCESS to address for the voting public here on the coast. They stress that they will work as an independent watchdog for the community and through community networking bring education, research and community expertise to all issues important to coast residents.

The members of SuCESS are concerned that present policies will lead to a number of negative and costly outcomes in 2010 for the Sunshine Coast. These include: increased direct and indirect taxes associated with waste mismanagement, the loss of sustainable recycling practices and the opportunity to grow a resource recovery sector, an increase in transportation density and in pollution, an increase in the cost of professional consultation, and a loss of public services to the handicapped, to youth and to seniors.

The society members intend to monitor regional government proceedings and provide a performance reviews of directors and staff. They plan on having an interactive website where coast residents can voice their views and participate effectively in their government. MacKay extended an invitation to all residents of the Sunshine Coast to join their society and participate in bringing a new economy and sustainability to the coast. Residents can visit their website at www. for more information.

Sunshine Coastal Environmental Sustainability Society
Contact: Peter MacKay, executive director. 604 886-5826