Hiya folks,

Hope you're all enjoying this spectacular summer weather we're having!
Thanks to those of you who came out  in support of Robin Wheeler's "Celebration of Community" fundraiser.  I hear it was a very successful event ... what a powerful testament to the resilience and caring of our community!

As many of you have noticed, we're now serving full, delicious and affordable meals at each and every Farm Gate market - a goal we've had since the first year and are now finally achieving thanks to the many wonderful chefs and caterers on the Coast.  
This week, Carmen Hume is back with her incredibly tasty macrobiotic creations ... she'll be serving up veggie sushi, ginger pickles, 3-bean salad, and a super refreshing dessert. 

Next week, August 17th, Rashmi Singh will be back with an encore presentation of her highly acclaimed Dosas with curry filling.  We'll also have Matthew Lovegrove back again serenading us with his beautiful folk rock goodness.
And as always, coffee and cold drinks are for sale at the Farm Gate concession.  

We have our backyard growers table in effect, so if any of you don't know what to do with all your garden's abundance, come on down and try your hand at vending ... we've got a table reserved for you to share, and you can even just leave out a bucket for change, honour-system style, and return at 6 to pick up your leftovers and your cash.

Coming up in the near future, we've got:

Come visit our One Straw / Food Action Network booth at the Synchronicity Festival coming up on August 20th & 21st at Shirley Macey Park in Gibsons.  The event is simply not-to-be-missed!  Click here for more info.

Another Farm Gate fundraiser party on Wednesday August 31st.  I'll tell you more later, but for now a teaser is... think Caribbean!  And we're hoping to convince the goats and chickens to visit us again in the farmyard petting zoo.

Our 2nd Annual Edible Garden Tour is coming up on Sunday, September 4th.  We'll have another dozen or so local farms and garden locations for folks to peruse on this self-guided tour from Gibsons to Halfmoon Bay.  Keep your eye out for our guides ... they'll be printed by next weekend.

And one last thing...

If you have a second, consider helping out the good folks with "VOICE - Advocacy for the Younger Generation on the Coast" with a survey to gather data to help them influence decision makers for the benefit of the youth

Astoundingly, the Sunshine Coast has only about half the proportion of young adults aged 20 - 40 as the provincial average. In order to work on reversing this trend, we need more information about the challenges of living on the Sunshine Coast. The Community Foundation’s Vital Signs publication was the major catalyst in identifying this problem, and now needs further information in order to assess the situation. Please complete a short survey to help the community better identify needs and solutions.

Please consider forwarding this to others and posting it to your friends on facebook to give everyone a chance to have their VOICE heard.

Thanks all!  See you around soon I hope :)