Hi all, and happy Monday!

Our 2nd Annual Edible Garden Tour is coming up this Sunday, September 4th ... and we're so grateful to have 10 neighbourhood farmers and gardeners who have agreed to open up their places to the public to help promote local food & sustainability. It's a free tour, self-guided.  So you can take your time and visit any locations you like during their 'open hours'.  

Gibsons & Elphinstone gardens are open from 9 am to 12 noon.
Roberts Creek, Sechelt and Halfmoon Bay gardens are open from 1 pm to 4 pm.

If you're smart and aren't trying to travel off-coast on the busy (ferry busy!) long weekend, and are looking for something to do on Sunday, look no further! :)

Also hope to see you all out at our BLACKBERRY BASH this Wednesday at the Farm Gate Market (3 - 6 pm at the RC Hall).  We've got a pie with your name on it.


Nadi Fleschhut, Community Food Security Coordinator, Food Action Network
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Edible Gardens Tour 2011

Location Descriptions


Gibsons / Elphinstone:

9 am to 12 noon



Green Room Organics

785 Henry Rd., Gibsons


Our farm is at the foot of Mt. Elphinstone and specializes in greenhouse vegetables, and features over 3,000 m2 of field fresh vegetables and berries. 

Owned and operated by Linda Fogarty and Gabriel Forbes, Green Room is one of only four Certified Organic farms on the lower Sunshine Coast. Green Room sells fresh at farm gate, local farmers markets, and to select stores and restaurants.




Backyard Bounty

714 Henry Rd., Gibsons


A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project that currently farms seven plots in Gibsons. We grow 75 or more varieties of organic vegetables each year for our CSA members. Our produce is also sold at the Gibsons Farmers Market, and at our farm stand located on the corner of Henry and Russell roads. We are dedicated to the restoration of wholesome, locally grown food. 

Operated by Dawn & Paul Myers.




Three Sisters Farm

1520 Burton Rd., Gibsons

Our farm is 3 acres of mixed vegetables, berries, livestock and forest.  We raise laying hens, heritage dual-purpose birds, turkeys and goats.  All of our products are certified organic and raised with love and the stewardship of nature.  We sell at Roberts Creek Farm Gate Market, The Sunday Market in Lower Gibsons, we have a farmgate stand and we sell to local restaurants.

Directions: look for our grey and green farmgate stand next door to Coastal Tire.



Artists in Residence B&B Garden

1881 Grandview Rd., Elphinstone


We are constantly converting our ocean view property to sustainable food production, using only non-GMO seeds.  Dyan has been growing varieties of heritage tomatoes from self-saved seeds for 15 years, passing seedlings on to fellow coasters every spring to keep those varieties going. Our other veggies include asparagus, garlic, summer & winter squash, fennel, beans, peppers, broccoli, beets & herbs, and all kinds of fruit. Look for our "Glass in the Garden".


Directions: Down Pine Rd. @ the intersection of Lower Rd. & Hwy. 101 right at the border of Roberts Creek & Gibsons..

www.artistsinresidencebb.com for a map.



Roberts Creek:

1 pm – 4 pm



Annette and Nicholas Clarke
2546 Miles Rd., Roberts Creek

We’re new this year to a nearly 3 acre property, sunny with some trees and lots of berry bushes.  We have 14 chickens right now, with one chick and 6 'teenagers' that are close to starting laying. We make chicken manure tea and fertilize with our own leaves, compost and the manure.  About 1 acre is a grass field for hay, and will be planted with fruit trees.  Sheep are hopefully soon to come.  Our 1/2 acre garden area has potatoes, herbs, Topinambur, beans, peas, blueberries, etc, and will be expanded next year.


Directions:  Turn right on Miles Rd. (gravel) off of Joe Rd.  We have a little hand-painted house number sign and a 500 foot long driveway.



Heart Gardens

‘Downtown’ Roberts Creek


Located around the businesses at the Heart of the Creek, over 30 community permaculture demonstration gardens host more than 250 species of perennial food and medicine plants. At the heart of the collection is over 150 Food-Medicine Plants of the First Peoples, perhaps the largest public collection. The Elfinhome eco-education center behind the gumboot cafe shares free maps. www.gaiacraft.com



RCC Gardens

1131 Emery Rd., Roberts Creek

In our garden neighbours work together to grow food for both community meals and individual households. The garden is managed co-operatively by a group of volunteers. We began in 2006 with just 2 small beds and now have a combination of raised boxes, traditional and no-dig beds as well as a greenhouse. We grow herbs, vegetables, salad greens, and a variety of fruit, focusing on building and maintaining our soil.

Directions: Emery Road is across from the Heart of the Creek. Please park in the cul-de-sac.



Sechelt & Halfmoon Bay:

1 pm – 4 pm



Gidora’s Garden

8066 Redrooffs Rd., Halfmoon Bay


Gidora's Garden is a family affair (3 generations).  We grow garlic, seasonal vegetables, fruit and flowers on just over an acre of land, mostly using the no-dig method to promote soil health.  We sell from our farm gate from May to October (have been for 16 years) and also at the Sechelt Farmers Market and the Farm Gate Market in Roberts Creek.  We have chickens, ducks, and 4 small greenhouses, one being for seed starting. We save our own seeds whenever possible.  We use no pesticides or herbicides of any kind and use our own blend of organic fertilizer.  We have found hands are better than machines in our garden!

Directions:  Turn left at the 1st entrance to Redrooffs Rd going North on the highway, and look for us on the right.



Donald Robb’s Garden

5824 Medusa St., Sechelt


My boulevard garden is a demonstration garden showing what one can do with this unused space. I am growing a Fall crop consisting of kale, chard, cabbage, beets, winter squash, brussels sprouts, over-wintering broccoli, rutabaga & parsnip. Fall of 2009 I built the bed and made my own soil with layers of wood chips, peat moss, coffee grounds, compost & sand. I let it sit overwinter & started to plant late spring of 2010 and through the summer.


Directions: As you enter the Village of Sechelt, go straight through the traffic light 3 blocks to Ocean Ave (Dolphin ends here). Turn right for one block to Medusa and turn left.  Available street parking.