Dear Editor;

I was born into a civil society where democracy and good governance were things Canadians collectively strived for. The natural world was treasured rather than seen as a source of resource extraction to make a handful of people wealthy. These values seem to have disappeared with a mindset of “rip & ship.”

A democracy headed in the right direction protects the fundamentals of life for ‘we the people’. Our first action upon entering the world is to take a breath, so the air we breathe is the most fundamental right to protect. The second most important requirement for life (although some would say it’s the first) is clean water. Not a resource to be exploited, used up and tainted, water too is a right which must be protected. Thirdly, we need wholesome food, free of pathogens (or pesticides embedded into its DNA).

The government we elect must be willing to regulate, with these rights uppermost. Under the current extreme extraction regime, these essentials are endangered and the well-being of future generations is being willfully destroyed. A healthy future depends on electing politicians who have the people’s best interests at heart, not the corporate elite.

What else is government for?

Gayle Neilson
Gibsons, BC