Farm Gate Market
(Winter Transition)
 Just a reminder that the Farm Gate Market has moved indoors for the remainder of the fall and winter in its third annual collaboration with Rashmi's amazing CURRY IN THE CREEK!  
The new day is Thursday, but the time remains unchanged, 3-6 PM in the kitchen area of the Roberts Creek Hall. 
Farm Gate Manager Billy Hume for more information  farmgatekeeper at
We're in the final stages of crafting the Ag Plan.   You're invited to a sneak peek of the vision, goals, key recommended 
actions, and implementation strategy.  Come let us know what you think!  
Monday December 2
Gibsons and Area Community Centre 
From 5 - 8:30pm.  
Tuesday December 3rd
Roberts Creek Elementary
From 5 - 8:30pm. .
Growing Coastal Newsletter is actively seeking food related article submissions for the upcoming fall and winter issues.  
Provide a poetic biography about your farm or processing operation, your thoughts on agriculture on the sunshine coast, ideas for new projects and initiatives, or amazing recipes involving our local products- all types of submissions are welcomed! 
If you are a writer who wants to get some words out or a photographer who has a story of food to tell through pictures, please send original pieces (350 words or less) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 
All works will be considered.
Wheatberries would like your Veggies
Want to have some of your fall harvest turned into soup at Wheatberries? 
Mark Yellowly (owner of Wheatberries) is looking to source local ingredients for their daily soup feature for the next month or so! If you have some fine garden produce that would make a great soup, and wouldn't mind a little promotional opportunity for you and your farm, give Mark a shout:  604.740.6964.